Menopause is a controversial subject. For many people it is considered a phase of intellectual decline, loss of feminity and " the beginning of growing old ". It is very important to be informed, for this is just a phase of low hormones.
Statistically near the age of 35, the estrogen level begins to decrease and symptoms may appear such as: hot flushes, dry mucosa, tiredness, anguish, depression, hair loss, dry skin and decreased libido.  These symptoms may appear years before menopause and can go on some years after it, if there is a decline of hormones for any reason.
 "After 6 years of practising Ashtanga Yoga I moved into menopause rather softly, however I did experience hot flushes and mood swings. Then I heard of Dinah Rodrigues and her therapy and registered for a teacher training in hormone yoga. “
Dinah Rodrigues  has created a natural treatment, combining postures, movements and breathing techniques from different yoga styles, which reactivates hormone production in a natural way and eliminates most symptoms of menopause.

„I was amazed how quickly my hot flushes disappeared, my mood improved.. And my hair dresser was impressed by my beautifully shiny and growing hair.“
Since then I enjoy sharing my passion for hormone yoga in my workshops. In about 8 hours of training you will learn a dynamic yoga sequence, combined with energy work and relaxation techniques. Also, you will receive a binder with explanations and a CD with instructions for  a 45 min hormone yoga sequence which will enable you to practice at home. And it works - the more you practice, ideally every other day, so that menopause symptoms get reduced and concentration, libido and energy levels get increased quickly. Even for non-yogis, hormone yoga is easy to learn.


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..and all will come (-:
..and all will come (-:

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