MEET YOUR BODY APRIL 24th-27th, 2014

meet your body with Martina and José...more Infos here...

JUNE 20th - 26th, 2014

Joanne & Mark Darby

We are happy to welcome these two exceptional teachers fort the 6th time: Intensive Yoga with two pioneers of Ashtanga! 6 days with daily 6 hours of yoga practice, mysore style in the mornings, technique class in the afternoons,
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OCT. 03 – 05, 2014

Martina Menningen

Hormones influence our lives substantially. By increasing our physical and mental awareness of hormones and their effects, we can easily improve our health and quality of life.

Hormone Therapy by Dinah Rodrigues will help us do so. This workshop will be about how to integrate Hormone Therapy into our daily yoga practice. It will also give advice on nutrition and massages, more info..

Yoga Seminars 2014


..and all will come (-:
..and all will come (-:

Yoga for Wine Lovers